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Total.War.ROME.II.Emperor.Edition-RELOADED Game




Now you can download the most awaited «Total War ROME II» game free for PC on «LaserBit». - My kingdom for a horse - Battle gameplay Did you know that Medieval warfare is not very equal - at least in the ancient times? Those medieval people weren't so smart in their skills of strategy and tactics. During the Medieval period, battles were won by almost random means: cavalry or artillery hit the enemy's column, destroying it or forcing the enemy to retreat. There were no aircraft, tactics, logistics or command posts. Just a lot of horses. Unparalleled scale of Medieval battles But the game «Total War» changed all that, and the world of Medieval battles lost its real atmosphere. You now know why after World War II the best battles were staged at the height of the Augean stables. For the first time in your life you are faced with a battle on a scale that can't be dreamed of. In the game «Total War», battles are fought between 40,000 and 50,000 soldiers. A swarm of «cavalry» (from 200 to 300 knights) can attack and defeat over 1000-thousand troops of the enemy's army. And yet, there will be no hundreds of ordinary men but real «pikemen» and «crossbowmen», and the forces will fight to the bitter end. For the first time in your life you are playing a real battle between the big powers. If you look at the multitude of troops that enter the battlefield, you'll understand why «Total War» is called «epic». Besides the chaos of the battlefield itself, the biggest battles of history in ROME II offer the player a variety of strategic options: and the choice of the battlefield location and terrain, the battlefield shape, the type of battle, the time and the duration of the game...will create an absolutely unique experience for the player. The importance of the battle tactics With the advent of new weapons and «weapons technology», the battle tactics have started changing significantly. «Total War» came to the fore with one question: how to plan and deliver an army's destruction? What are the most efficient tactics to fight a battle with less risk? First of all, you need to calculate the superiority of your army. When should you invade the enemy's territory, and when you should let the enemy come to you? In battle, the successful player will always look for the best




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Total.War.ROME.II.Emperor.Edition-RELOADED Game

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